The Year’s 20 Best: Urban Gardens 2012 Roundup!

December 31, 2012


As we round the corner from 2012 to 2013, I want to stop and thank all my readers, subscribers, and social media followers for visiting Urban Gardens since it’s launch in 2009, and for supporting my vision for blending together Read More...

Holiday Stroll Through New York City

December 28, 2012


The holidays are really all about hope. And although the New York area experienced a great share of tragedy in the past two months, as the city lit up in winter’s darkness, it brought to mind that as we move … Read More...

Seasons Greenings

December 23, 2012



A Holiday Stroll Through Munich

December 21, 2012



Hi dear Urban Gardens readers! My name is Igor and I am the blogger over at Happy Interior Blog. I am based in Munich, Germany, and thought I’ll take you outdoor interested folks for a festive stroll through the … Read More...

2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts That Give Back

December 17, 2012

2012 holiday gifts that give back

In 2012 I want to offer gifts from sources trying to make the world a better place by supporting charitable causes. This year we have collectively endured many difficult times, from the destruction resulting from Hurricane Sandy to the massacre … Read More...

In Memoriam

December 15, 2012

Photo: Emily Rose Bennett, Augusta Chronicle

Yesterday morning as I sat in this same chair, looking out the window at an equally beautiful bright blue sky, only 1/2 hour away havoc was being unleashed on a nearby elementary school leaving Read More...

Luvocracy: Your Curated Social Personal Shopper

December 13, 2012


I’m having an online love affair. It’s with Luvocracy, a new curated social shopping site where I have just been invited as a Tastemaker.  I got wind of Luvocracy through my friend, Los Angeles interior designer Christian May, one of … Read More...

Vertical Gardens With Supernatural Healing Powers

December 11, 2012

We’ve discussed before the benefits of plants and vertical gardens–how they can not only beautify indoor and outdoor spaces, but can help decrease energy usage by providing insulation, improve indoor air quality, even provide a place to grow Read More...

Lack a Balcony? Get One Delivered

For those living in small urban spaces, a balcony can add extra valuable living area so no wonder they are coveted. There are a few solutions now for the he outdoor-spaceless apartment. French designer Julien Berthier’s proposes Balcon Additionel, a … Read More...

Using Outdoor Lighting to Create an Urban Oasis

December 10, 2012

Photo via Stylepie.

Welcome to today’s guest contributor, New York City-based lighting designer, and fellow BlogTour team member, James Bedell.

The topic of urban green space has always been fascinating to me. I’m a lifelong Queens resident and I’ve almost … Read More...

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