Hang a Balcony Farm Outside Your Apartment Kitchen

February 19, 2012 by

SkyFarm is cool a vertical gardening concept from German designer Manuel Dreesman that reduces the distance food travels from miles to right outside the kitchen window. One can farm in minimal urban space with this system consisting of a suspended acrylic planter inside which you grow vegetables and herbs on a balcony or terrace.

Even if your outside space lacks a ceiling, it would simple to attach the spheres to to any overhead structure or beam. With a gentle pull on the SkyPot’s retractable handle, you easily bring your harvest down to planting and harvesting level, then with a light tug, hoist the planter back overhead.


The SkyFarm concept arose out of the designer’s awareness that, with the growth of urban areas, the height of the buildings is rising to accommodate increased populations, leaving us with fewer gardening spaces but more balconies. His design follows many others in the trend to offer city dwellers an opportunity to capitalize on the airspace above or wall space on their small balconies, leaving valuable floor area free for lounging and entertaining.

The SkyPot’s handles offer space for labeling the plant–from seed to arugula.

SkyFarm is in the concept stage and actively seeking producers to “hang out” with.

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