Vertical Gardens With Supernatural Healing Powers

December 11, 2012 by

We’ve discussed before the benefits of plants and vertical gardens–how they can not only beautify indoor and outdoor spaces, but can help decrease energy usage by providing insulation, improve indoor air quality, even provide a place to grow food when floor space is scarse. But ward off evil spirits? The designing Campana Brothers think so.

For the facade of Sao Paulo design shop, Firma Casa, the brothers designed a green wall with Sansevieria trifasciata (commonly known as snake plant), a nod to Brazilian popular culture and a plant used in African-Brazilian religious rituals for its supernatural protective and healing powers.

Form definitely follows function in this design scheme. Collaborating with Sao Paulo designers SuperLimão Studio, they placed 9,000 seedlings in 3,500 origami-shaped aluminum vases which hang from a rebar mesh, the directed water flow from one vase to the next through a built-in drainage system that leads overflow to the ground.

The living wall contrasts with and also compliments the industrial wrought steel façade. Inside, natural light flows through the building’s large openings, while a grid of exposed electric rails allows for accessible and easy lighting control.

There’s infinite flexibility in the design as exposed steel structures and air conditioning ducts enable the shop owners to easily hang and move exhibited artwork using industrial magnets while pallet shelving supports pieces of varying sizes.

The first entrepreneur to discover and showcase the Campana Brothers, Firma Casa’s owner, Sonia Diniz Bernardini, values creativity and innovation above all and has long been a pioneer in recognizing and introducing emerging talent. Maybe some plants can make one a visionary?

Photos from SuperLimão Studio. Hat tip to Yatzer and ArchDaily.

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  1. Melanie Ellsworth said:

    Cool! Nice article and so creative. I think when plants are used in a creative way to inspire it is motivation for others to try it as well. I think plants can make one a visionary, there are so many to choose from and plants are amazing. I like the thought in the watering system for the wall. Thanks for the nice read.
    Melanie @ RaisedUrbanGardens

    — December 13, 2012 @ 18:17

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