Cool Indoor-Outdoor Modular Cylinder Planters

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As soon as I saw the Décor Fiori Cylinders, it was instant love. What do I love? These lightweight cylinders are fabulous for small spaces and are really versatile: you can use them indoors or outdoors, individually or in multiples on a wall, vertically or horizontally. Use one planted Fiori cylinder or several on a tabletop to create an über cool centerpiece.

Simple and Modular 
With the special Fiori hangers, you can instantly create a unique suspended vertical garden that also works as a space or room divider and to provide privacy screening from close-by neighbors.


Lightweight, Versatile, and Multifunctional
Made from AVS tubing, the lightweight Fiori cylinder is so easy to handle, you can move it from the tabletop to the wall or hang it in a matter of minutes.

On the Wall: Hangs Like a Picture
Hanging Fiori cylinders on the wall is like hanging a picture: each cylinder comes with two pre-drilled screw holes on the back, and four small padded balance stops at the bottom to protect the wall.

Complete Hanging Vertical Garden Kits
Fiori is available in a complete kit which includes all you need to create a suspended vertical garden that can double as a privacy screen or indoor/outdoor room divider. The complete kit includes your choice of either 11 or 14 cylinders in a selection of five colors, 170 lb. nylon-coated stainless steel wire hangers, and a strong aluminum suspension bar for hanging the garden from above.

Create your own design by mixing and matching different sizes and colors…

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Single Cylinders
18″ long x 3″ diameter Cylinders  $29 23.22 each
24″ x 3″ diameter Cylinders  $39 $31.20 each

Cylinder Sets
Packages of two, three, four, or five 18″ and 24″ cylinders from $56-195 (now $44.80-$156)

Complete 11 Cylinder Hanging Vertical Garden Kit
$450 $360 ($90 savings)

Complete 14 Cylinder Hanging Vertical Garden Kit 
$550 $440 ($110 savings)

Available Colors: Pewter, Copper Patina, Rustic Umber, Rustic Violet, and Ivory. Does not include plants.

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