Lack a Balcony? Get One Delivered

December 11, 2012 by

For those living in small urban spaces, a balcony can add extra valuable living area so no wonder they are coveted. There are a few solutions now for the he outdoor-spaceless apartment. French designer Julien Berthier’s proposes Balcon Additionel, a ready made plastic, resin, and steel Haussmannian-style balcony that gets delivered by truck, hoisted up by crane, then installed–leaving the apartment with an instant balcony.

I’m not sure the decorative style balcony quite works on a more contemporary building facade, but it the balcony fits…

Window That Morphs Into Balcony
Then there’s Bloomframe, an insulated picture window that morphs with the touch of a button into a balcony. One minute you’re indoors, the next outdoors enjoying the maybe not-so-fresh air, but at least you’re outside.

Engineered of all-weather steel, glass, and aluminium, the Bloomframe electronic control system includes a manual emergency override just in case…

The Bloomframe balcony is now available on the market in The Netherlands and the company is hoping to expand sales elsewhere.

Balcon Additionel via Swiss Miss



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