Got Nature in the Bag

January 31, 2010


Spotted recently at the Maison & Objet design fair in Paris, the clever and very au courant Bacsac flexible container system really piqued my interest. Constructed of double-walled polypropylene canvas, a “geotextile” fabric, they are lightweight yet strong, impervious to … Read More...

I’ll Trade You a Zucchini for That Kholrabi

January 30, 2010


Maybe you live in a space that can’t accommodate a vegetable garden, or you don’t have the time to cultivate one.  Perhaps you weren’t blessed with a green thumb, or you were but grow much more than you can eat.Read More...

Small Urban Space Rain Gardens

January 29, 2010


Rain gardens aren’t just for homeowners with large tracts of land.  A rain garden planted in a small urban area can make a big difference in the water quality and environment of its surrounding area.

When it rains in densely …

Au Revoir Paris: Bringing Home the Garden

January 27, 2010

Patrick Blanc vertical garden wall behind glass at Marité et François Girbaud shop in Paris

It’s been a week of creative inspiration and as I pack it all up from Paris for my to return to New York, I will Read More...

I’ll Have that Chair with a Twist

January 25, 2010


Based on continuous concentric circles representative of infinity, Russian designer Jan Schreiner has unveiled a visually compelling set of stools called the Twist. I’d love to group them as the colors work so well together.



When Things Go to Pot

January 24, 2010


It’s not always easy to repot without disturbing the plant. Here’s a cool product design concept that can make it easier. Be sure the soil is moist enough so it doesn’t fall apart when you attempt to repot. Hold the … Read More...

Inspirations from Paris

January 23, 2010


I spent the day yesterday infusing myself with a strong dose of design inspiration at the Paris design fair, Maison & Objet. One of the themes permeating the fair is the blend of nature and technology and I was thrilled … Read More...

Hedgerow Inspired Fencing

January 22, 2010


The sculptural garden Honeycomb Fence, by British design company Superblue, is inspired by the organic forms of hedgerows. The fence provides a visually soft boundary while allowing small glimpses of the landscape beyond and through the undulating honeycomb … Read More...

When Outdoors and Indoors Get Hitched

January 21, 2010

Copyright: La Forge

I am in Paris this week covering the Maison & Objet design fairs where Cohabitation is a major theme. Maybe you’re thinking–it’s France, must be about unmarried couples shacking up.  It is about marriage. The marriage of … Read More...

Seeing the Forest Reflected Through the Trees

January 20, 2010

Coloured Reflections, Hal Ingberg

As some animals in the have evolved to blend in with their environments, some designers have experimented with creating environments that do the same. They have done so by utilizing techniques and materials to reflect the Read More...

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