Oh Mycelium! Products and DIY Projects Made From Mushrooms

July 30, 2016

DIY Projects Made From MushroomsEcovative Interior’s Wall Flower acoustic tiles. Photo via Ecovative.

There’s a fungus amongus and it’s sprouting some cool designs. For sustainable and innovative industrial design solutions, designers and manufacturers are growing mycelium-based materials to replace wood and plastic foams.

Ecovative

Seed Socks: Portable DIY Plant-Based Dye Workshop

January 2, 2013


Commissioned For New York Fashion Week 2011, London and São Paulo-based Studio Swine dreamed up Seed Socks, a portable DIY dyer’s workshop that connects seasonal fashion with seasonal plants.

Packed in a stylish wooden suitcase with a leather handle, … Read More...

93 Year Old Dumpster Diving Urban Gardener

May 30, 2011

93 year-old Robert Horton, Jr., on his downtown Greenwich, CT patio.

My 93 year-old father-in-law is a dumpster diver. During one of his recent expeditions into the trash at a neighboring elementary school, he discovered some metal file cabinets whose … Read More...

Old Bulbs in the Garden: Pot from Recycled Lightbulb

June 11, 2010

Repurpose your old old incandescent light bulbs into planters with the Potus Pot. Designed by Natalia Hojman and Angeles Estrada Vigil, the Potus Pot transforms a burnt-out light bulb into a bud-growing vase by removing the filaments and making … Read More...

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