Man Builds and Lives in Giant Nest on Skyscraper

July 2, 2012 by

It’s not news, but it’s cool. Pedestrians on the ground below flocked to the scene when Dutch artist Benjamin Verdonck hatched the idea of building himself a giant bird’s nest in which he lived for six days on the facade of a Rotterdam skyscraper

The Great Swallow took six weeks to construct 50 meters above the street on the side of the Weena Tower in Rotterdam.

For his installation, Verdonck gathered some steel, the crowns of twenty-three silver birches, two straw bales, one bucket of spit, three bags of sand, twelve buckets of glue, and nineteen cans of polyurethane foam.

The giant egg–too tall for any human to sit on–was laid on the ground below the nest.

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