A Bird’s Nest For People Doubles as Hydroponic Garden

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Bird's Nest For People

Milan-based DesignLibero describes their design practice as an interaction between form and function. If their multifunctional Nido (Italian for nest) is any example of this, then I’d say their work is more a combination of form, function and fun.

Bird's Nest For People

I’ve featured a number of  DesignLibero’s works before: The tabletop Green Wheel rotary hydroponic system designed to grow herbs and produce in space, and Fluidity, a mini kitchen garden, doubles as a dish drainer whose excess water irrigates the plants. According to the designers “user’s needs, lifestyle and tastes are at the heart of it all.”

Bird's Nest For People

Bird’s Nest for Humans
Nido draws inspiration from a bird’s nest. The shelter is a slice of microarchitecture designed to offer respite from life’s stresses while also bringing nature indoors.

Bird's Nest For People

Go Reconfigure
Nido is reconfigurable–users can remove and reposition its cushions and seat backs, transforming it from a private enclave to a space in which to socialize.

Bird's Nest For People

Multifunctional Nest-like Shelter
Constructed of natural and recyclable materials including wood, textiles and terra-cotta, the convertible space is a sofa that becomes a bed, a reclining chaise longue, or even a playground. Integrated LED lights offer illumination for humans and the needed artificial sunshine for plants.


Interior Hydroponic Planter 
Here’s what I like: Nido’s got an interior integrated self-watering hydroponic planter system that turns a piece of furniture into a double-duty shelter and garden.


Exterior Vertical Garden and Living Wall
Its trellis-like frame accommodates climbing plants enabling one to turn the structure’s exterior front, back, and roof into a vertical garden and living wall.




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    — August 14, 2016 @ 01:30

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