Guide to the Best Green and Garden iPhone Apps

June 29, 2009

Photo courtesy of  Ohanaware.

iPhone apps are sprouting up like…weeds. Here’s a helpful guide to some of the best apps out there. In an earlier post, I wrote about iPhorest, the app that allows you to plant a real … Read More...

NYC Pollinator Week: Hidden Hives Tour Tonight!

June 25, 2009


Three days after the sweet success of the Beekeeper’s Ball, in a continuing effort to legalize urban beekeeping in New York City, Just Food is sponsoring  a virtual Hidden Hives Tour tonight at Jimmy’s No. 43.  Explore the incredible … Read More...

Nature in a Kit: Interpreting Nature and Our Use of Her

June 23, 2009

Ilkka Halso, Restoration, C-Print on aluminum,125 x 171 cm, artist’s collection © Ilkka Halso

Nature in a Kit, which opens tomorrow at the Musée de Design et d’Arts Appliqués Contemporains in Lausanne,  examines the position and “quality” of nature Read More...

Harvest Some Humor in the Garden!

June 22, 2009


If you don’t have a pot to…sit in…here’s one from Casamania. If you don’t have room in your garden for a pottin’ shed, then at 143.5cm wide x 160cm deep x 160cm high for the smallest model, you … Read More...

Indoor/Outdoor Multi-Use Serving, Screening, and Seating Designs

June 20, 2009

I love these fresh and colorful designs by Australian designer Surya Graf. “His design has a major influence from new technologies,” according to his website, “combined with an innovative and experimental use of existing materials and processes. While always … Read More...

Turn Over a New Leaf: Grow Your Own Salad

June 19, 2009


Watch your salad practically grow itself. There are a number of products available that make growing your own salad greens and other vegetables a cinch. The 3-pod and 6-pod AeroGardens have an aerator to directly oxygenate the water, and their … Read More...

Calling All Do-It-Yourself Gardeners: Enter Garden Contest to Win Indoor Composter

June 18, 2009

Reuse the haulm, from potatoes to gherkins, courtesy of Instructables

Do something good for your fellow gardeners in cyberspace by showing them how to turn their reused and recycled objects into something functional for use in their gardens. One of … Read More...

Plant Doctor Makes House Calls

June 15, 2009


Doctor, doctor, give me the news, I’ve got a bad case yellowing yew! A few days ago I published a post about black thumbs. With all the knowledge out there and, now, with some of that even available on … Read More...

Is Your Urban Garden For the Birds?

June 13, 2009


Share your urban garden sanctuary with your fine feathered friends: create an oasis that’s for the birds. The organic bird table by Eva Solo is a 5-liter glass container with a synthetic base that floats above the ground. The table … Read More...

The Future’s Looking Up on a Rooftop Farm

June 12, 2009


Cross-posted from Not Eating in New York

Rooftop Farm for the Future: A rustic scarecrow looms before the skyline of Manhattan’s midtown skyscrapers. Under its watch lie more than 30 varieties of vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs on a rooftop … Read More...

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