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iPhone apps are sprouting up like…weeds. Here’s a helpful guide to some of the best apps out there. In an earlier post, I wrote about iPhorest, the app that allows you to plant a real tree. To further your green mobility, check these out:

Go Green and Green Tips, both free, display a tip each time you launch them.


The Green Lemur, also free, is the most full-featured of these three. Search, add tips to favorites, or browse by category.

Green Calculator $1.99
Allows you to calculate CO2 emissions based on your lifestyle choices, specifically from activities such as flying, driving, and using daily household appliances such as heaters, AC, etc.


Gorgeously Green Survival Guide $0.99
Developed by New York Times bestselling author Sophie Uliano, the Gorgeously Green Survival Guide is a quick reference eco-guide for the woman on the go. Go green girls!

GreenSpot $1.99
This is basically a green news wire for your iPhone. It delivers daily news, views, and podcasts on sustainability and green living from the major news organizations, bloggers, syndicates, etc.

Green News Reader 99¢
Like GreenSpot, but you save a buck.

Greenpeace Tissue Guide Free
Even your comode isn’t sacred in Greenpeace’s eyes. Their free app explains that Americans can save more than 400,000 trees if each family replaced just one roll of virgin toilet paper in their home with a roll of recycled toilet paper. If it’s brown, flush it down. If it’s yellow, let it mellow. If it’s Greenpeace, use just one piece.

Green Living Guide
Fox Mobile Distribution’s guide to all things green. Have tips sent to you about simple, eco-friendly actions that make a difference, like switching off your phone’s energy-intensive vibrate mode. It includes sections on: Conservation, Recycling, Reuse, Transportation, & on-going Sustainable solutions for green living. It was free until April 26, I think now you have to join Jamster for $9.99  a month.

Measuring Your Carbon Footprint…
MeterRead $2.99
Use MeterRead to log your electric meter’s reading. You can log your readings and use them to predict your electrical consumption, and thus, your upcoming bill.  (More info on their site.)


iRecycle free
Makes it easy to find over 10,ooo recycling and disposal  locations for over 200 materials anywhere in the United States. Get directions from your current location.

greenMeter $5.99
Uses the accelerometer to determine the drag and resistance of your car/driving habits in real time. There are several usage meters to monitor, though real-time MPG has been my favorite. Really helps tune your driving for better efficiencies and fewer pointless emissions. (More info on their site.)

The title makes you think it’s a shopping app, which it isn’t (see below.) To use the app, just answer some questions about how you maintain your life. Answers that are good for the environment are tallied (like air-drying your clothes, or changing the furnace air filter), and the amount of CO2 you’ve saved is calculated. As a bonus, the CO2 savings gets you discounts at local, participating retailers for your efforts.

Carbon Footprint 99¢
This app allows you to track fuel usage for multiple cars. You enter the data, and it reveals the stats on your carbon impact.

EcoFinder free
Find out where to recycle and properly dispose of just about everything in the San Francisco area.
Let’s hope there’s one soon for the rest of us.

Eco-helpful Shopping…


3rdWhale free
Much like other location-aware shopping apps, 3rdWhale finds you businesses nearby (select walking, biking, or driving distances). The resulting businesses are supposedly eco-friendly.

Yowza! free
Not yet out, Yowza! ,also location aware, brings up coupons for retailers nearby. It’s green claim is that you can use the digital coupon right on your phone’s screen, rather than printing more paper that will just get tossed out.


Good Guide free
Lets users find safe, healthy, and green products while shopping in the store. Find over 70,00 product ratings in Food, Personal Care, Household Cleaners, and Toys while viewing the ratings on the health, environment, and social performance of your favorite brands.

And for iGardeners…

Access one of the largest collaborative plant references on the web with information on over 35,000 plants and up to 30 distinct characteristics on each plant. Bookmark your favorite plants, print them online, or later review from your phone on the go. If you don’t see details or images of the plants you want, you can add it online and make it available to everyone–that’s collaboration.


MyGarden $1.99
Allows users to keep track of the plants they have planted in their gardens.
Includes ability to track:
•Plant name
•Botanical name
•Plant Type
•Light requirements
•Watering Requirements
•Soil Requirements
•Pruning Requirements
•Bloom time
•Purchased From, Date, and Cost
•Soil Requirements
•Pruning Requirements
•Growing Cycle

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