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I love these fresh and colorful designs by Australian designer Surya Graf. “His design has a major influence from new technologies,” according to his website, “combined with an innovative and experimental use of existing materials and processes. While always focused on functionality, his design philosophy is also based on a refined simplicity of form and issues of environmental sustainability.”

Axis Nesting Trays




The Axis series is a set of nesting trays that combine a serving tray with a fruit dish. Using an industrial multi-axis laser cutting technique, the forms are produced from a single length of standard aluminium extrusion. They are lightweight yet strong, and are available in a variety of anodised colors that can be mixed and matched. Each tray measures approximately L500m x W200mm x H50mm.
Available at Snack On.

Botany Screen


The patterning for the design of Botany was inspired by a combination of plant forms and the molecular structures of DNA. The pattern is very open which allows the screen to divide spaces while not impeding either light or air flow.

Each individual panel is machined from marine grade plywood sheeting. The standard design uses three hinged panels to create the screen which, when folded out, measures H2000mm x L1600mm. With the concertina hinging method each screen can easily be flat-packed (60mm depth) for transport and storage.


The screens are currently available at Snack On in either a clear natural finish or a black varnish finish, with other colors available on request.

The Wave Bench


The Wave platform bench was initially developed for a project on Queensland’s Gold Coast. While having an obvious function, the main goal was for the design to be a focal point along the boardwalk, while fitting harmoniously into the foreshore landscape. I think it could work equally well on a rooftop terrace or patio garden. The design has taken direct inspiration from its coastal location, reflecting many aspects of the environment and lifestyle.

Utilizing machined hardwood timber combined with a HDG mild steel support framing, each platform bench measures L4000mm x W1200mm x H450mm.

The Wave bench was the winner of the Furniture Design category in the 2005 Design Institute of Australia Awards.
Available from Street + Garden Furniture Company

Double Duty Designs: Taille Seat + Table


For those whose living space is limited, furniture serving two purposes is a welcome find. Through a simple rotation, the Taille can become either a comfortable seat or a table. Inspired by the small spaces of inner-city apartment living that need to be easily adapted for changing uses.

Constructed from a continuous band of bent plywood, the design is extremely strong and easily moved. The designer has proposed producing the Taille in either a clear natural finish or a black varnish finish, with other painted color finishes available on request.

Going Against the Grain: Weave Seating System


When it comes to furnishing your place, cut yourself some slat: The Weave design was an exhibition piece developed for a commission at the Museum of Brisbane based on the locally iconic Silky Oak timber which has been used extensively in the area from the early 1900’s.


Weave took inspiration from this original ‘Queenslander’ architecture, synonymous with the breezes of outdoor veranda lifestyle and slatted deck furniture. The design takes these cues and applies them to the small spaces of modern day inner-city apartment living which need to be easily adapted for changing uses. Through a simple rotation, the Weave can become either a comfortable seating or table arrangement.


Due to the multi-directional nature of the grain, using Silky Oak allowed for the development of an overall form that would not necessarily have been achievable in other types of timber. Each component was individually machined, and cutting both along and across the timber, made it possible to feature the unique qualities of the grain.


  1. corine said:

    after our house was built i was thinking of the right furniture to in our garden, while surfing in the net, i decided to put patio swings, it helps you to relax after a busy day in the work

    — August 22, 2009 @ 07:16

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