Is Your Urban Garden For the Birds?

June 13, 2009 by


Share your urban garden sanctuary with your fine feathered friends: create an oasis that’s for the birds. The organic bird table by Eva Solo is a 5-liter glass container with a synthetic base that floats above the ground. The table also functions as a food dispenser keeping food dry until the birds have filled their bellies, ensuring that there will always be something available on the fly for future winged guests.

It should be cleaned regularly–easy to do since the container and table are both dishwasher safe. The video below shows you how to set it up.

In addition to the bird table, the company has several other products designed for fly by night visitors:

The Luxury Birdbath
Shaped like a drop of falling water, the white-glazed porcelain bird bath is a multi-level structure allowing the birds a place to stand outside the water when dipping their beaks in for a sip.

The Bird Table Mini
Similar in design to the larger one, this is the smallest of the Eva Solo bird tables for the smallest birds in the smallest garden spaces. This one has 2.5 liter cylinder–holding a smaller amount for mini creatures or those with mini appetites.

Bird bath and Bird Table Mini

The Bird Feeder
This beautiful hanging feeder is made form mouth blown glass and designed to withstand wind, weather, and beating wings. The ball can be easily suspended from bushes, trees, or the eaves of your apartment or house.


The Bird Box
Think out of the box with this one. Constructed of white-glazed terracotta and black plastic, materials which protect the bird box from the elements. The combination of white glaze and terracotta reflects heat, ensuring the chicks don’t overheat while they feed on a hot summer day. You can support this blog by purchasing one of your very own at my Urban Garden Shop located on the right side of the page!


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