12 Indoor-Outdoor Wire Furniture and Home Decor Pieces

June 23, 2015 by

wire-fluxchair-magisFlux Chair by Jerszy Seymour for Magis.

Metal wire furniture design is not a modernist concept. Two centuries ago people were already enjoying wire furniture when, during the industrial revolution, wire became inexpensive and accessible.  The design aesthetic has evolved and today there are some cool pieces that work both indoors and out. Here are twelve of our favorite indoor-outdoor wire furniture and home decor pieces:

1. High Flying Design Lands With the Modern and Bright Dove 44 Chair

Anon Co

Designers ANON&Co say of their chair design, “Dove 44 is flight captured in a chair.” This cool curvy piece comes in three different heights and is as tough as the solid steel rod it’s made of.

2. Wire Side Table Powdered Pretty in Pink


While this powder coated side table looks delicate and fresh in pink, we’re not all lovers of the color when it comes to furniture. Pink not your thing? Well the Wire Side Table by Iacoli & McAllister comes in Tomato, White Hammertone, White, Black, Mint, Aqua, and Nude.

3. Quantum Cool Wire and Lacquered Corian Dining Table

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 1.28.14 AM

Quantum is a dining table by Jason Phillips Design designed as an interpretation of the movement of subatomic particles. The heavy gauge steel wire base is hand formed, and the top is a warm lacquered orange Corian. Perfect for lovers of modern design and futurism.

4. Modern Media/AV Stand With Serious Pop

Modern wire sidetable yellow

Robot Too Sideboard in Yellow by &New is a champion of style when it comes to media stands. The slim pigeonhole shelf even has a half-open back through which you can sneak your cables to keep them out of sight. But think outside the yellow box–there are plenty of ways to incorporate a brightly hued piece like this one indoors or outdoors.

5. Getting Wired on Coffee Tables


The wired 36″ Coffee Table by Bend comes in different colors to enhance a variety of spaces and enhance it does. Place pillows around it for for low seated meals or reading, or use as a coffee table. It’s suitable for outdoors too. A circular sheet of glass sits on a hot-dip galvanized iron base which is then either powder coated or metal plated to prevent rust.

6. Can You Handle Being In the Hot Seat?



Beware! Hot Seat is a slang term for electric chair. But The Hot Seat by Bend is better described as hot stuff. We lust for this beautiful curved wire design in the orange we love. It would make pretty great poolside accent under a vintage umbrella–remember the ones made of fiberglass?

7. Industrial Chic Concrete and Wire Vase


The Weight Vase by Specimen Editions brings us the opportunity to experience the genesis of urban garden design: industrial materials coupled with nature. The clean lines of the concrete and wire make a great duo as the perfect frame for your favorite green stems.

8. Draw Me a Chair



Drawing Series by Jinil Park is a collection of furniture designed to look like pen sketches. After his initial sketch, Park hammered wires of different thicknesses to distort the lines just as they would be if drawn. He then intersected the wires and welded them together until they were strong enough to function as seating.

9. A Neon-Tinted Wired and Woven Vase 


Fluorescent Basket by Marie Michielssen for Serax is both synthetic and natural, bright and neutral, structured and deconstructed. These cool vases cover a lot of bases.

10. Minimalist Wire No-Privacy Screen


Con-Tradition by Sara Bernardi, says the designer, is a metaphor for how modernity conflicts with the value of heritage. We love the detailed geometric design. Part screen, part modern art.

11. A Wire Stool Unfurls Its Wings


I think the saying goes, every time you sneeze, and ANGEL stool gets her wings. This minimalistic seat by Gry Holmskov is made of powder-coated steel rods. Rumor has it that they’re even comfortable. Admire and enjoy the angels indoors or out.

12. Wired Lounge Chair Goes Both Ways


The Wired Italic Lounge by Phase Design takes its name from forward-leaning italic letterforms. The chair is both coming and going: its front-facing vertical spokes contrast with the its angled back creating an interesting opposition between the forms.

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