SeedTabs Get You Growing With Your Morning Coffee

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Grab your morning cup of coffee, then toss some seeds on your way to work. San Francisco company SeedTabs is collaborating with local java spots to sell little folded packets of organic seeds they hope will inspire people to spread both ideas and seeds in common public spaces rather than privately.


To make planting and enhancing the environment as simple as getting a cup of coffee, Brothers Will and Wyatt Roscoe have made their seeds available in commonly visited places like cafes, where they hope to expose people to the idea and encourage them to start growing everywhere.


In their own guerrilla gardening exploits,  the brothers have grown corn in tree wells, herbs in coffee cups, and flowers in all kinds of environments.


They’re not new to seed spreading: they’ve been handing out seeds for years, originally they said, to friends in dime bags traditionally used for selling illicit drugs. “The dime bags were a hard sell,” says Wyatt, “but people loved the gift of seeds.” Their seeds are now sold in over 20 cafes around San Francisco.


Each Seedtab contains enough seeds to sprout a square meter or 10 individual plant pots. The Roscoes hope their idea will spread, er, like weeds. In the meantime, the duo would like people to imagine “picking fresh herbs and flowers on the walk home from work.”

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