Quick! Call the Seed Bomb Squad

January 6, 2010 by


Handmade from a mixture of eco-friendly, locally sourced and recycled materials such as used egg boxes, shredded office paper, organic compost and flower seeds, this bomb contains nothing flammable, though I wouldn’t board a plane with it hidden in your underpants.


If you’ve resolved this New Year to become more engaged with your surroundings, to interact with the environment, then you might want to consider becoming a bomber. With Seedbom, a friendly bomb that grows, you can join forces with nature by becoming a guerilla gardener. Got a neighbor whose garden is an eyesore? Or do you pass a barren empty lot every day that cries out for vegetation? Toss in the Seedbom and watch the dull and lifeless turn into the green and verdant.


As the manufacturer reassures, the bomb is made only from post consumer paper, used egg boxes, the occasional tea bag, natural waste plant fibers, organic compost, organic fertilizer, flower seeds, recycled card packaging, and…love.


Note:  After publishing this post, I received a comment from the designer and manufacturer indicating that the product is not yet available in the US: “Etsy is a US site but people in the UK can still order from the site and their payment will be changed into UK pounds through Paypal. I would love to sell in the US but cannot at the moment due to the fact that there are regulations in place for the exportation of seeds and it would be irresponsible of me to send UK native seeds to the US.  I only hope I can move things along fast enough to be able to sell a version of seedboms in the US soon as like you say it is a popular idea and I am getting a very good response from people in the US.”

  • victoria

    bien humor negro…..no……. desde el sur de américa

  • Kyle

    This is a fantastic idea. I’ve seen other implementations, but this it most fun looking. As will all seed bombs, please make sure that it doesn’t contain any invasive species, and these vary from region to region.

    That said, bombs away!

  • I love these! They’re so clever and fun. I’ll have to keep an eye out there for places to throw these

  • Uncle B

    Please include the seeds of edible plants in the bombs. The inevitable crash of the U.S. Dollar, and hyper-inflation, combined with a Capital migration to Asian markets complicated by light sweet crude scarcities in the world, and further complicated by rhe climate changes we are experiencing, may make food scarce for some parts of our population, and foraging is likely. Plant food! Hoard information on gardening, aquaculture and survival techniques like pressure canning, drying, pickling sauerkrauting, brewing for preservation of food. Times just might get astoundingly hard and survivalist techniques might save your life, or the lives of others. North America is convulsing at the moment, and the changes have just started. proceed with caution, the 21st century is going to be very complex, even for the very well informed folk. The American “Fiat” money experiment appears to have flaws, and necessitates we all pay for its failure, a rising Asian Fact in the world will also provoke major change in our lifestyles.

  • Natty

    Nasturtiums ARE edible (that is what is pictured here). Good idea BTW

  • Prodnose

    Good luck to all you guerilla gardeners! We need you!

  • Hi everyone, I am the designer and maker of seedboms. Thanks for all the great comments! Just so you know seedboms are currently only sold in the UK, they are made only from local recycled, reclaimed, eco-friendly and organic materials using UK native wildflowers and easy to grow species such as Nasturtiums (yes the petals ARE edible, nice and peppery in salads) which have been in the UK for quite a while.

    Hope to sell a similar version in Europe, US and beyond if things go according to plan, keep an eye on my progress at http://www.facebook.com/seedbom and http://www.kabloom.co.uk (new website coming soon!)

    Thanks again and why not try a little guerrilla gardening in your area, every little helps!

  • nabs

    This is how most of the green spaces were created in London, but i do like the design very good.

  • Robin

    Dear Readers:
    When I posted this, I linked to an Etsy shop that is selling these Seedboms for $15.00. I received the comment above from the designer/maker of the product , Darren Wilson, indicating it is not yet sold in the US. As it was listed in US currency, I assumed it was for sale to US residents. I am looking into this and will report back.

  • This is a kewl idea. I have, on occasion, thrown packages of my outdated seeds into fields near where I live. For a while there was even a open lot that had quite a watermelon vine in it until someone bought the property and built a house there.

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  • What a cool idea. For places that it isn’t available, I am sure that something similar could easily be made.

  • andrew

    Very creative and looks like fun! But in this day and age I don’t think it is a very good idea to go around throwing what look like to be grenades. You could end up getting shot or at least harassed by the police.

  • RockHardo

    Fantastic idea. Any way to make them in another shape? This is fun, but it could cause a lot of problems. Someone who does not know better would have plenty of reason to be nervous seeing someone tossing one of these, or seeing one from a distance on the ground in an empty lot.

    How about an alternative shape, say, a heart, an egg, something like that?

    That said, nice idea.

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  • I wonder if they carry seed bombers for all life zones?

  • Bill

    I was going to make the same comment about on lookers not appreciating someone throwing a grenade. So might I suggest making “seed Frisbees” instead? They would fly better and that will also make for better rain absorption and mulching abilities.

  • Awesome idea!!! Maybe ball shapes would be a little less menacing. Super cool idea though.

  • Love this idea! Thanks for the post–found you through stumble upon.

  • If any among you don’t want to wait until some enterprising Etsy-er in the US starts hawking these, I’ve posted a simple recipe for making your own: http://bit.ly/5Mb2u3

    Great site, btw!

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  • Kathy

    All these ideas are great. Uncle B has it on the money, and food seeds on a frisbee shaped device […enter next awesome modification here…] should be encouraged to grow some wings and fly into a viable option. makes one wonder who will pick up on that?

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  • These are more fun than the seed balls currently on the market. Inspirational, clever, unique. They’ll go over with a BANG! in the US.

  • I hope those are not evasive weed seeds in that bomb. That makes things worse!

  • centralunit

    i think also invasive plants would be fine as gilles clement writes in the third paysage panflet

  • Colby

    This botanical terrorism must end immediately if we are to cultivate an environment enriched with cement and steel !

  • James Bunkley
  • Ha, now that is pretty awesome. I was in the marines and these grenades just motivated me to write a comment ha. That would be awesome if they exploded seeds everywhere. Safely lol.

  • The packaging is very cool. Can’t wait so see these in the US.

  • There’s something similar happening over in San Francisco. Seed bombs that you can purchase from gumball machines. http://www.dogislandfarm.com/2010/08/thursday-in-city-seed-gum-balls.html

  • I’ve heard of seed bombs before. Cool idea. Whatever you do, don’t bring them on the plane. 😛

  • This is brilliant!!! i might just give them out at my wedding 🙂

  • rachel

    seed bombs are great! they do make seed bombs here in the US and you can even get a seed bomb machine (like a gum ball maching) and place it infront of your shop or on campus. keep it growing!

  • rachel

    p.s. and it’s real simple to just make your own stash! http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Make-a-Seed-Bomb/

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  • lol its so funny i can’t belief

  • LorryC

    In the USA Gardeners Co. sells seed balls–basically the same concept. Available at:


  • What a great Idea. I wonder if it could be done with trees? They should color code them for the different planting regions in the united states.

  • Those are soo cool!!!

  • Ha love these. I’ve seen plenty of seed bombs but never any that actually look like weapons 😉

  • For those of you in the U.S. Big Red Sun in Austin, TX made some seed bombs of our own – but ours are made of un-fired clay (completely biodegradable of course) and filled with a mixture of soil and native wildflower seed. (we made molds out of actual grenades from the Army surplus store). Our first batch was for sunflowers, bluebonnets and Indian Blankets – (perfect for fall bombing here in Texas) we’ll do another round in the spring. Pics on our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=223277081073956&set=a.152322781502720.36867.134443339957331&type=1&theater

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