Green Walls and Living Sculpture Blend Art and Fashion

March 24, 2013 by


Complex and intricate living art arrangements composed of thousands of plants climb the interior walls of of Isetan Shinjuku, one of Japan’s oldest department stores.


For a recent unveiling of the store’s “Fashion Museum” botanical artist Makota Azuma’s The Art of Plants works off a theme merging art and fashion, a concept in which the retailer is investing for its revitalization.



Azuma’s Collapsible Leaves uses real leaves woven into numerous green wall paintings and organically shaped vertical gardens, transforming the retail interior into a verdant planted art installation.



An ephemeral work on display through March 26, 2013, the exhibit is typical of the artist’s experimental creations in which he incorporates rich plant patterns to line walls and fill window installations.




A ten-foot living collage forms the lobby focal point as customers enter, setting the tone for leafy pieces that wind around columns and punctuate clothing displays, while living mandalas like chandeliers hang from the ceilings, with curvaceous leafy freestanding sculptures and planted walls of interwoven shades of green mix with fashion mannequins throughout the store.


In the shoe department, a green wall sculpture calls to mind the sole of a shoe…


A detail of one of the collapsable leaf tapestries with contrasting textures and colors…


Azuma’s installation is great example of living art mixing with fashion to bring a product alive and extends once again the idea of plants functioning as interior accessories like jewelry, hats, and scarves accenting the perfect couture suit.

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  1. solar power said:

    These green walls are amazing! I have been experimenting with growing aloes on walls for years now but mine have never looked as lush. Living art is the way of the future! Wow, I am so inspired from this, thank you!!

    — March 25, 2013 @ 04:44

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