Urban Gardens 2011 Roundup!

December 18, 2011 by

Wow, we sure had fun this year! From the world’s largest hanging flower pot to a mini vertical garden…gardens sprouting atop city busses and those on parking poles…The High Line in New York and its Parisian cousin…partying in a Chicago edible garden…lollipops you can grow and tables that glow…a restaurant’s rooftop farm and one in a box…a 93 year-old dumpster diving gardener and kids growing food in a school farm lab…designer eco-chic houses for dogs, solar chicken coops, and urban diggs for bees…sumptuous botanical wall paintings and something to slip over your balcony…we had ’em all.
Take a stroll through 2011…

1. Modular Vertical Garden Brings Green to Urban Walls

2. Farm in a Box

3. Foxy Modern Hen House for Urban Chickens

4. The High Line’s French Ancestor: La Promenade Plantée

5. Goodbye Concrete, Hello Urban Garden!

6. World’s Largest Hanging Flower Basket

7. NYC Traffic Island Garden

8. Gardens On Top of City Buses

9. Mini Gardens on Parisian Parking Poles

10. Urban Garden Cocktail Party

11. Open Air Garden Cabana and Studio Hangout

12. Mini Vertical Garden for Balcony, Patio, or Kitchen

And if you are still on the hunt for fun, sustainable, home and garden gifts like plantable cookies and bon-bons, a DIY bird house for grown-ups and kids, cool terrariums, urban garden kits, and more…you must check out:

13. Urban Gardens 2011 Eco-Awesome Holiday Gift List
Let the good times continue! xx

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  • Love the round up of wonderful shares you’ve posted over the past year and I am so looking forward to your shares this coming year! Merry Christmas to you and yours Annie

  • This website was recommended to me by Hazel, who is an accomplished gardener and artist. Reading your posts has given me such pleasure and I’ve forwarded many of them to other urban gardeners. Great job! My only small frustration has been that many of the really great solutions that you’ve featured are European and difficult – if not impossible – to obtain in New York.

    Have a wonderful holiday!

  • Robin Plaskoff Horton

    Thanks so much Laurie, so glad you are enjoying the site and thanks for sharing with your friends. I understand it might be frustrating not being able to find some of the European items. We have readers all over the world (1000 in Russia, go figure!) so I try to cover the globe. Let me know if ever see something you particularly want, I may be able to source it for you. xx

  • Happy Christmas all my fellow gardeners and a very prosperous new year to you and yours. “Jesus is the reason for the season” from Garden Galah Online Plant Nursery in Queensland, Australia . http://gardengalah.com.au/

  • Jennifer

    Where can I find the grass man? I was trying to click on the items to link to the descriptions, but I only see the photo showing all of the Round up items together.

  • I too smiled and second the comments above. Very cool blog with some unusual finds of product. I must add you to my blog roll.

  • Robin Plaskoff Horton

    Thanks Donna, glad you like!

  • suzain66

    Where can I find the grass man? I was trying to click on the items to link to the descriptions, but I only see the photo showing all of the Round up items together.
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  • La quasi-totalité de ce que vous pointez arrive à être étonnamment précis et qui me fait demander pourquoi je n’avais pas examiné cette question dans cette lumière précédemment. Cette pièce fait vraiment particulier allumer la lumière pour moi autant que ce sujet particulier va.

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