Honeycomb Gardening System

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I love this modular and stacking HoneyComb Gardening System designed by Audrey Lea Lucardi of Brooklyn-based StudioTJOA.

Perfect for small urban spaces, the entire honeycomb structure collapses flat for shipping or storing. When assembled, it can be connected to an adjacent one, creating a functional piece of outdoor or indoor furniture just the right size for a particular space, indoors or outdoors.


The system consists of four separate units that get combined in numerous ways depending how one chooses to use it–as planter, for storage, as furniture, or all of those.


As a planter, the planted cup fits into the hexagonal frame, while a storage tube–that can double for starting seedlings–holds gardening tools out of the way but in easy reach.



To protect new seedlings from cold temperatures, there’s a cap that fits both the storage tube and planter. If used alone in the honeycomb structure, the cap doubles as a flat tabletop surface.




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