Baby Carriage Packaging Recycles Into Bird House, Chair, and Lamp

July 7, 2012 by

When my kids were babies, they had more fun playing with the boxes than they did the gifts that came inside. Dutch stroller manufacturer, Joolz, may have had this idea in mind when they devised a second playful and useful life for their product packaging.

From Product Packaging to Fun Project
Every box–from the stroller itself to every accessory–becomes a fun project using the leftover cardboard packaging to make something practical like a chair, birdhouse, or a lamp. Easy to follow directions on the boxes make it simple to cut out and build any one of the projects.

Beyond Packaging
“At Joolz, we want our products to contribute to a positive, healthy and meaningful life, from pregnancy to the first day at school,” says creative director Emile Kuenen. “For our users and the communities they live in. Therefore, we seek and support innovative solutions that contribute to a sustainable world. One of the first things you think about is packaging. When you can give this a second life and prevent the cardboard from ending up in the bin, it’s one step in the right direction.”

Easy to Cut and Assemble
The box that holds the baby bed accessory, makes a birdhouse. Packaging for the cup holder can be turned into a picture frame. The cardboard from the seat fabric can be made into a lampshade. The box from the chassis makes a child’s chair.  After some cutting, the wrapping from the UV-sun hood converts into a mobile to hang over a crib or a cradle. Packaging from the Baby Bodyguard and the XL shopping bag can be transformed into a new gift box. The netting that holds the parasol, adapters, pump, rain cover and comfort screen can be used to hold pencils or other small things.

“At first, I saw the cardboard as a necessary evil to protect our products during carriage and storage,” continues Kuenen, “but now you can cut out all kinds of products and make them in to beautiful projects. I started to look at cardboard differently.”

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