Fun DIY Raised Bed Gardens From Interlocking Blocks

September 15, 2013 by


Here’s how to create an urban garden in a snap. A couple of friends, a designer, and two “produce evangelists” from Portland, Oregon (where else, right?) have joined forces to develop a Lego-like modular system for making easy-to-assemble raised beds for the garden.


To make gardening easier and more accessible for novice and experienced gardeners alike, TogetherFarm Blocks don’t require any tools, measuring, or cutting. So, they are great for kids or the kids within us all.



Made in the good ol’ USA of 100% recycled BPA and Phthalate-free materials, the lightweight blocks snap together to form boxes of various shapes, sizes, and depths, that can work just as well in a backyard urban farm as on a small balcony or patio.


Strength in numbers: as you add rows of blocks, their alternating seams and connected corners strengthen the resulting raised bed.


The blocks have 3/8” diameter holes running vertically down each section through which you can stake the boxes to the ground, add reinforcement for use with retaining walls, add flexible clear plastic tubing for a cold frame, or place trellises in them to support vertically growing vegetable plants.


TogetherFarm’s modular and portable system almost begs you to change your mind on a whim and reconfigure your garden as often as you feel like it, great for those who like to redecorate for a change of pace.


As colorful as they are convenient, they’re offered in a choice of colors including an earth tone brown and beige for those who like things neutral, and blue, orange, and green for gardeners wanting to use the blocks as a design element in their outdoor design scheme.

While you’re at it, check out this cool Lego Succulents Building Kit for grownups!


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