Mini Kitchen Garden Watered By Draining Dishes

June 28, 2012 by

The multifunctional Fluidity is a dish drying rack that at the same time cultivates a mini kitchen garden right on your countertop. Water recycled from draining dishes in the rack provides irrigation for two built-in mini herb or plant containers.

Designed by Milan-based design firm, Design Libero whose shelftop rotary hydroponic gardenGreen Wheel, we wrote about recently, Fluidity is another of this firm’s small space-saving designs for indoor gardening.

The fluid form of the base directs the wastewater into the rack’s plant growing sections. For water drainage, each container is perforated at the bottom. To control the plant’s water absorption and also keep the dish drainer base clean, the containers get filled with clay pellets and coconut fiber.

What do you think? Would the draining dishes provide enough water to irrigate the plants on this dish rack?

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