Echos of Eco in Mexico City’s Vertical Park

January 9, 2010 by


They paved paradise then put up a…vertical park.

Mexican architect Jorge Hernandez de la Garcia has designed a modular, highly structural and flexible vertical park intended to help reduce pollution and deal with overpopulation issues. The tower utilizes vertically stacked solar panels and scatters gardens inside throughout the structure. Located in Coyoacan, Mexico City, the project is to revive, as the architect puts it, “the calcification of modernity.”


The building will not only provide residential and office space, but will also include areas designated for urban farming, water reclamation, and solar energy collection.  As the modules rise vertically to create a high-rise structure, they also spread horizontally in order to create canopies for street level commerce.  To provide a more sustainable response to the potential demands of the city, the spaces can be rearranged, relocated, and remodeled throughout Mexico City and potentially throughout the world.

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