Magnetic Indoor-Outdoor Planter Adheres to Both Sides of Glass

January 11, 2014 by


If there were ever a design that was truly indoor-outdoor, it’s this one. Bliss is a magnetic planter that couldn’t decide if it was an indoor or outdoor container. So it decided to be both, and then some.


Made of a light rotary molded polyethylene material, the design consists of two halves joined on either side of a window by a thin magnetic sheet between the two. Each half affixes to one side of a window–one inside and the other outside. Frnech designers at Agence Daney created Bliss as an all-in-one indoor-outdoor garden that appears to be suspended in space. Cool, eh?


Outside, Bliss can be a planter or a bird feeder, while its indoor twin functions on the other side as a flower box.


But it doesn’t end there. Bliss has a multiple personality and is often fiercely independent. A single lone half can hang magentically to any metal surface–so think fence, grate, metal door. Bliss can hang on a wall by backing it with some adhesive magnetic tape commonly found at most hardware stores.


Kind of like my son was when he was little, Bliss is just happy almost anywhere.

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