Design Journey: 10 Fab Pinterest Indoor and Outdoor Garden Finds

February 3, 2014 by

green wall italyBy Logica:architettura, found on the Pinterest board of Justin DiPiero Interior Designer, SCAD alumnus

I took a virtual design tour of visual discovery to see what Pinterest indoor and outdoor garden finds offered unique ideas and inspiration. Join me on a quick, ten-stop journey through some of my recent fabulous Pinterest discoveries.

1. Green Wall Vibrancy
The vibrant green wall pictured above seems to climb miles above this quaint table for two. I can imagine that while dining, the air would be fragrant with a fresh green scent. I love what climbing plants can do for empty walls in an indoor space. One of my recent favorites are stylishly modern green tiled walls.

2. Three-for-One: Hydroponic, Solar Powered, Vertical Garden
Can’t you just experience your eco-fantasy with this combination of the urban gardener’s beloved trilogy: solar power, vertical garden and hydroponics?

Hydroponic SolarFound on project:greenify and on the Pinterest board of Jane Wang

3. Productive Verticals for Small Space Harvests
This vertical garden is something we can all do ourselves. I love how it is placed between city windows and surrounded by rusted buoys. There are many options for building your own indoor vertical garden, but this one looks particularly fun.

Indoor GardenFrom Plants On Walls and found on the Pinterest board of Linda Morales

4. Five Star Bee Hotel
What a beautiful and surprising structure! We love and need the bees–don’t they deserve their own luxury hotel destinations?

bee hotel5 Star Bee Hotel by Nico’s wild bees & wasps on Flickr, Found on the Pinterest Board of Linda YoungBird

5. These Planters Come in Peace
These alienesque planters have so much personality! I love to think of them in a minimalist room, keeping the residents company and cleaning the air to boot. Creative planters add so much to a space and these “speak” to me.

Alien-plant-potsFrom Home-Designing, found on the Pinterest board of DeAndrea Hall

6. Courtyard Envy
If you are a regular Urban Gardens reader, you know I’m obsessed with concrete. But beyond the sleek concrete, this courtyard fantastically blends many textures and shapes, creating depth and intrigue. I’m not even mentioning the fire pit…

rejuvinateFound on the Pinterest board of Linda Morales, from Dwell.

7. Combination Fantasy Green House/Tool Shed
I mean, do I have to say anything with this one? This garden shed is stunning. And functional. I love it.


sleeping-greenhouse-storagePhoto shot by {designvagabond} who has amazing pictures!

8. Floating Garden!
Don’t ask me how you water this–I’m guessing a pulley system is involved–but wow, this is fantastic. Its shape and color make this floating garden at once chic and playful. Can you imagine having this stunning structure in your garden?


Irish Sky Garden designed by Diarmuid Gavin
Irish Sky Garden designed by Diarmuid Gavin (who is incredible) found on the Pinterest board of de creative.

9. Fantasy Nap
I’m relaxing just thinking of having a crisp bed in a room that opens to a lovely garden. Taking a swim and napping poolside in this romantic and minimal space sounds just about perfect right now.

French By Design Outdoor Sleeping AreaFrench by Design calls this The Escape Home of Jan and Ronnie, found on room135’s board.

10. A Light in the Woods
This striking light sculpture is made from Coastal Northern California Monterey Cypress. Each piece designed by SplitGrain is totally unique and 100% handmade. I love the elegance and texture of this piece.

Minimalist light sculpture in wood.Minimalist Wood Sculpture handmade by SplitGrain, found on Byeon Ho Kim’s Pinterest board.

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