Season’s Greenings

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Wishing all of our 275,000+ Urban Gardens readers, subscribers and social media followers a great 2019 and thank you for your continued support!

Some Holiday Reading: Your Favorite Posts From 2018

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2. Before and After: My Connecticut Home and Garden Makeover

3. The Storied History and Enduring Life of Terra Cotta

4. Pistils Not Pistols: Milwaukee Youth Choose Gardens Over Guns

5. Lamps, Streetlights, and Bomb-Detection Powered By Plants and Vegetables

6. Biomimicry: A Wildlife Observation Platform Designed as Bird’s Nest

7. These Six Urban Farms Creatively Transform Disused Spaces

8. A Barcelona Rooftop Sanctuary Inspired By Japanese Art

9. Farmerettes: Women Who Farmed and Gardened for Victory

10. Hive Five for Largest Solar Farm Apiary in America

11. New Orleans: Spanish Moss, Swamps, and Great Sax

12. How To Bring a Dull Dorm Room to Life With Plants

13. London’s Little Venice: More Cheerio Than Ciao

14. Biodegradable Bee Saving Paper May Keep Them Buzzing

15. Compostable Couture: Garments And Accessories Made With Living Plants, Flowers, and Seeds

16. Sustainable Barkitecture: Solar Powered Dog House With Green Roof

17. A Tiny Secret Garden in London

18. 3D Printed Flowers Designed to Feed Urban Insects

19. Sun, Surf, Sand, and Snow: Weekend Getaways in Southern California

20. 26 Last Minute Home and Garden Mother’s Day Gifts

And Enduring Faves From 2009-Present…

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