Grow a Meal a Week in Small Spaces With This Solar-Powered Gardening Assistant

February 11, 2018 by

How about growing a meal a week in less than 100 square feet with a robot who manages your garden for you remotely?

Imagine sustainably growing food at home with a personal solar-powered smart robot gardener that will automatically irrigate, maintain, and alert you to potential problems via your smartphone. Busy urban gardeners with limited space can now plant an edible garden, then leave the rest to GardenSpace’s all-in-one monitoring, watering, and pest deterring system that’s even equipped with its own resident botanist.

Designed for small spaces of any shape, you simply connect the device to a garden hose and wifi, then download an app to input your particular plant information.

GardenSpace’s motion-sensing smart-camera rotates 360 degrees to monitor your garden 24/7, sensing and maintaining the right amount of moisture while keeping you informed remotely about chlorophyll levels, plant and soil temperatures. Leave it to the robot to even advise you how to maximize growth with planting suggestions. Pests? No worries here either–GardenSpace detects and wards off intruders with a harmless water spray.

Plant, plug-in, and produce food with one simple smart device–a busy urban gardener’s assistant that knows just what to do without any instruction. Now we just need one to clean and organize the apartment.

GardenSpace is now available for pre-order via Kickstarter.

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