Haute HortiCouture: Wearable Living Landscapes Fashioned From Self-Seeding Plants

August 21, 2017 by

Some environmentally conscious designers and artists are creating haute horticouture–botanical fashion statements made with ornamental plants, flowers, and even edible greens. Many of these cultivated collections are artworks meant for viewing alone, while others are designed to be worn.

Green artist Stevie Famulari’s works grow at the intersection of fashion, horticulture, and art. She draws inspiration for her wearable art forms from notable landscapes, environmental art, gardens, and couture fashion.

As wearable works that grow living greenery, the Green Line series employs a combination of live edible and flowering plants, watering systems, as well as conventional and couture fashion elements. Famulari constructs the garments using self-seeding plants that are irrigated and mulched just like regular gardens.

Famulari aims to “penetrate boundaries and engage human connections,”describing her pieces as a commentary on and a reinterpretation of the conventional concept of landscapes.

Mow Bettah
With the living garments, the artist hopes to create dialogues about indoor/outdoor materials and spaces.

Indoors or out, as Famulari’s pieces grow and change, so do the spaces they inhabit.

This article is one of a series about Horticouture. See out Pinterest Horticouture board for more inspiration.

Photos via Stevie Famulari.



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