These Low-Tech Egyptian Artisan Clay Pots Water Your Plants for a Month

July 24, 2017 by

This low tech watering system will keep your houseplants and garden irrigated for a month. Get outta town!



Handmade by local Egyptian artisans, the system consists of a set of six clay pots whose unglazed bases let water pass through while the glazed tops help minimize evaporation. The pots get connected to a reservoir which maintains the water level for up to a month.

You can use a large jar for the reservoir, but a 20 liter water cooler container can sustain 6 to 8 plants for weeks in the summer, and for over a month in winter.

It works like this: As the water evaporates from the plant’s leaves, it draws water from the soil, then as the soil begins to dry, it draws water from the Clayola. The plant’s roots will naturally seek out the water source and cling to the clay pot, drawing up all the water they need.

Clayola’s makers maintain the system is 80% more efficient than traditional drip irrigation methods. And to conserve even more water, the company suggests directing renewable water sources such as rain drainage to the water tank.

Clayola’s tapered end is, as the designers say, “pushed into the soil like a bullet” to create a water distribution method that minimizes water loss at the bottom while maximizing delivery to the roots.

Now, think of someplace cool to go for a month while Clayola minds your plants.

Available $54.99 at Amazon.

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