Pavilion of Roses That Bloom With Light

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Pavilion of RosesAnimated GIF by David Simon from architect’s images.

Monaco-based Russian designer, architect, futuristic designer, and writer, Vasily Klyukin dreams up some spectacular “out-there” concepts. It’s no wonder that he once wrote a sci-fi novel about a society ruled by artificial intelligence.

Pavilion of Roses

Roses Pavilion is Klyukin’s conceptual design for a mood-lit pavilion–an idea he’s created for whomever will want it, hoping his design will find a home somewhere, be built, and enjoyed by everyone who loves roses. That’s a pretty wide net to cast as roses are one of the most beloved flowers–their association with love having made them the subject of all forms of art throughout the ages.

Pavilion of Roses

As they have for so many artists and lovers throughout history, roses inspire Klyukin. Roses Pavilion is his effort to interpret the flower in architecture and as “an adornment for a city.” The beautiful flowers, explains the designer, are “a gift of those who are in love. Since I’m in love with architecture I would like to make this gift to a city in the world.”

Pavilion of Roses

Mood Lighting
The glass and metal roses interact with light to “bloom.” In the evening, the interior lighting changes color to reflect different moods. The bunch will shift from all red, yellow, or white, then become an arrangement containing dozens of “roses” in various shades.

Budding Ideas
Klyukin envisions the pavilion housing a flower shop, perhaps a spa, and maybe a gallery or museum of modern art or jewelry. He’s not only accounted for the visual sense, but for the olfactory one as well: the ventilation system will fill the pavilion with the scent of roses to envelop visitors with a complete sensory experience.

Photos via the architect.


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