Mobile Plug-and-Play Solar System That’s More Like a Home Appliance

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Here’s an all-in-one mobile solar power system that’s as easy to use as any simple home appliance.


In addition to its good looks, the Smartflower POP is ideal for residences where, for various reasons, the roof can’t accommodate photovoltaic panels–just plant this one in your garden or backyard.


It’s small enough to fit nicely into cramped urban outdoor spaces, and for renters or others on the move: Smartflower is mobile, you can take it with you.

smartflower-solar-system-dimensionsShown in mm., the unit is about 16.5 ft. tall.

Set Up, Connect, Use
There’s no complex assembly required: the system gets firmly bolted to the ground (or concrete foundation) at your location of your choice. then when you move, just unscrew the four bolts and place the unit in its new home.



As you rise in the morning with sun, so does Smartflower, unfolding itself automatically and completely within an hour, directing its solar tracking modular fan towards the sun to begin producing electricity. You awaken to your morning coffee, a hot shower, breakfast, and maybe the morning news on your radio or television–all run by the solar energy produced by Smartflower which continues to move along with the sun throughout the day.


Smart Mobile Versus Static Rooftop System
In comparison to static rooftop systems, Smartflower’s intelligent control system moves the solar modular fan horizontally and vertically along with the sun’s position, even when it’s cloudy. What you get is optimum alignment with the sun–an exact 90° angle which a rooftop system cannot achieve due to its static alignment with the sun–all day, even in winter when the sun is low on horizon. So despite the unit’s lower space requirement, it offers up to 40% more output compared with a conventional rooftop system.


Smartflower maintains a consistent electricity supply, using the energy from the sun’s last rays efficiently enough to cover your early evening electricity requirements. Then when you wind down from your day, so does Smartflower, automatically closing up to its secure position for the night.



Finally, a mobile photovoltaic system which is utterly simple, efficient, and as intelligent as it is good-looking.


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