13 Mobile Gardens To Move You

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We’re back with the second part of our roundup of itinerant and otherwise roaming, traveling, and always portable mobile gardens. Take a peek before they pass you by:

1. Get Rolling With This DIY Mobile Vegetable Garden


The only available sunlight on the designer’s property was right in front of his garage door.  Necessity, being the mother of invention, inspired the design of this rolling potagère. Learn how to build your own!

2. Stylish Urban Greenhouse on Wheels


Built of wood and durable, UV-coated polycarbonate, the Urban Green House is a mobile oasis in the city, part growing space, part living space. Inside, the greenhouse is outfitted with an eye toward both gardening and socializing. A plant bed area can transform into comfortable seating for two, with a small storage area below to stash garden tools. It’s so perfect for an urban setting that it’s almost hard to believe. Read more about Urban Green House.

3.PhytoKinetic: Lightweight Green Roof System For City Buses and Vehicles


With his project, PhytoKinetic, landscape designer (and personal friend of mine) Marc Grañén aims to energize drab public buses with vibrant, gardened roofs which he hopes will contribute a bit to improving the urban ecosystem. “Urban green areas are crucial for photosynthesis, vital for purifying the air we breathe,” he said. “But much-needed green areas are not always available.” Learn more about this inspiring project, including the role the designer’s children played in the concept development.

4. Urban Gardens Aboard a Floating Habitat and Gallery


The Waterpod is a floating eco-habitat and interactive exhibition gallery that studied self-sufficient, water-based living while demonstrating future pathways for nomadic, mobile shelters and water-based communities, both docked and roaming. For five months, four artists rotated living on board the 30-by-100-foot barge as it moved to different sites around NYC. See what’s aboard The Waterpod.

5. Mobile Chaise Lounge Offers Cure for Lawnlessness


No further need to suffer lawnlessness. Deger Cengiz’s Chaise Lawn comes with grass seed, but you can use your imagination and plant something else…have a field day and plant a bunch of daisies. Read more about this cool multi-purpose piece.

6. Gardening for the Horticulturally Mobile

Bicycle-Window-Box--For-the-transient-gardenerPhoto from Instructables

No space to garden? No problem, garden on the go. All you have to do is simply learn how to plant a container garden and attach it to the handlebars of your bike.

7. How to Make an S.O.S. Mobile Garden


S.O.S. Mobile Garden is a discarded shopping cart, suitcase, baby carriage, or even a commode, retrofitted into a mobile edible garden for the purpose of engaging the public in debates about important issues such as recycling, food justice, urban decay, and more. Read more about this movement created by New York artist and activist, Tattfoo Tan.

8. Mobile Log Bench and Planter


While not exactly a mobile garden, this movable log bench with a planter included is close enough. You could even plant edibles in there. Read more about Designer Stefano Sciullo’s creation here.

9. How to Build Indoor Hydroponic Gardens Using IKEA Storage Boxes


Don’t want to use up a wall? Grab some heavy-duty casters and two boards to create a mobile indoor urban farm ready to roll out-of-the-way or outdoors. Read about the components here.

10. Mobile Garden “Thrones” Reign in Paris


Perched atop rolling mobile gardens adorned with plants, insect hotels, branches, shells, and more, a group of spirited young women and girls–Princesses of the Earth and Climate–paraded recently down Paris’s rue du Chemin Vert (which happens to translate to “green path”) to Town Hall where local district representatives greeted them. Read about their mission here.

11. Dutch Artists Plant Public Mobile Vertical Gardens


The mobile garden project, created by artists Jair Straschnow and Fiona de Bell, is one of many public collaborations led by Cascoland, an international network of artists, architects, designers and performers who initiate interdisciplinary interventions in public spaces. Take a peek inside these rolling structures to see how cool they are.

12. Mobile Urban Gardens in Upcycled Parcels


Welcome the itinerant gardener, not the one who travels from plot to plot, but the one whose community gardens travel from spot to spot. We’ve written about mobile gardens before, but these self-contained gardens go beyond being simply plant-growing and mobile. See more of Dutch environmentalist Annechien Meier’s mobile gardens with a mission.

13. Portable Raised Bed Planter Elevates Mobile and Modular Urban Gardens


When you see them, don’t you just itch to turn some wasted urban spaces into lush green outdoor rooms and edible gardens? That must be what German design collective Thinking Hands thought when they designed Hochbeet, a raised bed planter that can instantly transform barren yards, patios, terraces and almost any available corner into a garden. Take a look here at how easily they are assembled and how to use several to create unique garden designs.

If you missed Part One of this mobile gardens roundup, check it out here.


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  8. Nora said:

    Thank you for the great article. I did cultivate a mobile nursery for mint and lemon balm and want to share the video of the effort here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLYmp42CXoE

    — August 20, 2020 @ 01:33

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