Crazy In Love With These 10 Valentines Day Gifts

February 11, 2015 by

Roses in the bath

Did the most romantic person on Earth swoop into a bathroom and create this swoon-worthy scene for the object of their adoration? Personally, I don’t care what the circumstances were. This is such a gorgeous idea, and it should get just about anyone in the mood for love.

Do you love Valentines Day? I’ve put together a list of ten romantic Valentines Day gifts that celebrate the marriage of hearts and gardens.

1. Love-Stuffed Large Succulent Hearts

succulent hearts

Even if you don’t love succulents, chances are, someone who does is within a one mile radius of you at all times. They are definitely the popular kids in on the garden block. And look at these giant hearts made entirely of them! They’re handmade by WindmillFloralDesign and you will find them here.

2. Paper Fortune Cookies Predict Luck in Love

fortune cookies

Give me a quarter; I’ll tell you your fortune. Or you can make these adorable paper fortune cookies, with heart paper no less! Imagine the fun love notes you could tuck inside. Or fill them with seeds if you figure out a way to seal the sides. Any which way, these are a unique surprise. You’ll have to make them yourself, but Allison Kreft is here to tell you how.

3. A Heart-Shaped Pizza For a Cause is Warmer Than a Box of Chocolates

Heart-shaped Pizza

Boston Pizza has stolen our hearts and baked them into a pizza. For every heart-shaped pizza bought before Valentines Day, a dollar is donated to a charity that helps youth across Canada. They aren’t just located in Boston. Read more here about the Boston Pizza Foundation Future Prospects.

4. Love Is In the Air with a Heart-Shaped Air Plant Wreath

airplant hearts

Air plants take very little care–much less nurturing than love itself. They don’t need soil. Just give them some water, sun, and adoration, and they will continue to please you while all the while looking good. Perhaps you could hang this on the door of your lover at dawn? Buy your own from Peacock Taco here.

5. How Deep in Your Love When You Plant it in Soil?

Pink Seed Hearts

Not only are these delicate pink hearts lovely to look at, they are also capable of creating life. There are seeds baked in to these wonderful hearts so that your bestowed can plant your love and see just how deep the roots will grow. Make these with tender loving care by following J@Monkey’s instructions here.

6. Love is a Battlefield, Honor Your Lover with a Purple Heart

Purple heart

This heart made almost exclusively of purple succulents may cause mass hysteria. It’s gorgeous! Whether you hang it or place it on a tabletop, the gifted will display it like a beautiful badge of honor. Read more about it on ABC das Suculentas.

7. Let Me Tell You About the Birds and the Bees and the Flowers on the Trees and the Moon Up Above, and a thing Called Love

Red Heart Bird feeder

Lure your love bird with this heart-shaped bird feeder made from reclaimed wood. It’s lightweight, but only in the literal sense. I suggest hanging it as a surprise for your Valentine to find. So Purdy Creations has one for you here.

8. Get Lucky with Heart-Shaped Lucky Bamboo


It’s estimated that bamboo has been a symbol of good fortune in Asian culture for more than 4000 years. The number of stalks signifies the type of luck. Pictured above is Lucky Bamboo grown into the shape of a heart, with a third stalk wrapped lovingly around the others. Legend says, three stalks attract happiness, five attract wealth, seven attract good health, and twenty-one stalks offer a very powerful all-purpose blessing. 4000 years can’t possibly be wrong, right?

9. Faux Bois de l’Amour

Daux Bois Planter

This marvelous fake wood planter is hand-cast from heavy concrete and etched with a heart and arrow. What would you plant inside for your Valentine? Not to break your heart, but this item may be out of stock. Still, I had to share it and it doesn’t mean it won’t come back, especially if you ask Terrain sweetly. They have other wonderful things as well, like a cutting board with a heart-shaped cutout.

10. Hang Your Heart Out to Dry 

Rusty Heart

Thick rusty wire frames this hanging heart, while galvanized steel wraps around it. Make your heart bloom with a plant inside, or nurture the birds with seeds. Then hang your heart to put a little love in the garden. Designed by Chocolatnegrodesign.

Top photo of roses pouring from the bathtub taken by Michele Hart Photography


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