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With the snap of the finger and the blink of an eye, another year comes to an end. What were a few of your favorite things? These ten blog posts apparently.

Here’s a glimpse of what your Urban Gardens community loved the most in 2014. Until next year–which is quickly upon us–keep on greening, upcycling, designing, and doing it yourself. And next year too. You inspire us every day, and we hope to repay the favor in 2015 and beyond.

10. Tough Love: 9 Corten Steel Outdoor Pieces


Bring your love of industry-chic to any outdoor space with the addition of Corten Steel. It looks rough and rugged and…totally fabulous. As time goes on, the weathering only adds character, making each piece unique. Here are nine wonderful examples of the beauty and potential of Corten Steel for outdoor furniture and fireplaces.

9. Biodegradable Utensils: Sustainably Grown Carrot Spoons, Celery Forks, and Leek Knives


You may not get your kids to eat their veggies, but you may get them to eat with their veggies. No, the knives above are not edible. Take a peek at this sustainably designed tableware that includes a leek knife, celery shaped fork, and a spoon resembling a carrot, here.

8. How to Make a Habitat for Urban Wildlife With Bee Houses, Birdhouses, Insect Hotels, and Planter Boxes


Here’s an idea I love that’s at the intersection of urbanization, design, and nature. Brike is series of modular bricks that together serve as a habitat for urban wildlife. Check out the collection here, which includes bee houses, birdhouses, insect hotels, and planters that work in harmony to transform a building’s lifeless facade into an urban micro-ecosystem.

7. Coolspottings: 10 Indoor-Outdoor Home and Garden Pieces With Sense of Humor


Here’s the truth: I can’t resist having fun. You can imagine how tickled I was finding these pieces to share with you. Here are 10 indoor-outdoor home and garden pieces deliver a sense of humor to any home and garden space.

4. The Power of Moss: Biophotovoltaic


A modern designed table which incorporates the bright green life of moss is about as urban-garden-chic as you can get. But wait there’s more. The moss on this table has a job to do: generate power. This table wants to work for you, and here’s how.

5. Hydroponic Vertical Gardens and Heliostats Flourish on Sustainable Skyscraper


With the glamour of green in mind, iconic French architect Jean Nouvel and his botanist/landscape “artist” colleague and friend Patrick Blanc created the oeuvre that is the Sydney, Australia skyscraper, Sky at One Central Park: two luxury mixed-use towers which stand tall as living organisms rising toward the sky. Read more about this incredible building, and why we wish there were millions of them, here.

4. Easy DIY Mini Concrete Planters Great For Succulents


What fits urban gardening better than concrete? Mix that in with your love of succulents, and you’ve got yourself a perfect little project. A simple one too! Learn how to make your own mini concrete planter from Olivia Glendale, here.

3. Historical Roots: 6 Types of Hydroponic Gardening Systems and Countertop Planters

Did you know that hydroponic gardening is ancient history? Even though NASA is now experimenting with growing food hydroponically in space, the root of the method runs deep. Read here about awesome ways you can use hydroponic gardening to garden indoors and beat the small space blues.

2. Climbing Up: 10 Innovative Vertical Garden Ideas

vert 9

I often think of vertical gardens as the utilitarian cousin of the decorative container garden. You’d love a vegetable garden, but your studio apartment in the city didn’t come with an acre of land. Enter the vertical garden–a garden that doesn’t require acres, or even a backyard. Take a look at these 10 inspiring vertical gardens– but beware– you’ll probably want to start building your own.

1. Ten Cool and Creative Upcycling Ideas


Once you start to think about it, you’ll notice “waste” items everywhere that could lead entirely different lives. To help you open your eyes to the possibilities around you, I assembled ten examples of upcycling excellency. Don’t worry; if your neighbors catch you dumpster-diving, you can blame it on me. Here are ten ideas, so get reading, then get upcycling.

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