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August 18, 2014 by

Tetra Shed Modern Garden Shed Black Exterior

Sometimes you see a product, structure, or piece of technology that makes you realize you are living in the future you imagined as a child. The Tetra Shed is one of those things.

Hailing from the UK, this modular garden outbuilding is completely customizable, and can be configured with up to five other units to turn your outdoor structure visions into some serious quarters for work, play, or even to house guests. Hell, someone else in the UK turned his ordinary garden shed into a cinema.

Tetra Shed Modern Garden Shed With Desk

Choices abound. You can choose exteriors such as copper, cork, corten steal, zinc or marine plywood. Inside you’ll find clean lines of sleek birch-faced plywood or plasterboard.

Tetra Shed Modern Garden Shed

That’s not all. Each shed is fully insulated and the company can assist with adding a renewable power source to juice up your computer and, er, shed some light. Tetra can accommodate work stations, lounge areas, and even sleeping quarters. And no sweat–Tetra has designed units as saunas too.

Play around with the options on their interactive design application here.

Tetra Shed Modern Garden Shed With Bedroom

After you make your selected preferences online, the awesomeness continues as they will work with you to create things not already listed. Upon delivery, the unit can be assembled without a professional. Of course, you may want giddily standby and let a professional handle it anyway.

Tetra Shed Modern Garden Shed  With Window

These futuristic structures are blowing up. Not literally. But they have generated a lot commercial interest. For example, one company ordered 168-units for a site in central London. Hoteliers want a piece of the shed pie too, as do creative agencies. I’m waiting to hear of all the other clever ways people will utilize these modular outbuildings.

Tetra Shed Modern Garden Shed

Tetra Shed is part of an emerging group of revolutionary outbuildings meant to be as architecturally formidable as they are functional. With a price tag at around $25,000, this intelligent and portable structure may be steep for some, but significantly less costly than building an addition on one’s home.

Obsessed? Watch the video below, learn more, and start dreaming of the perfect design.


  1. Amy Bareham said:

    These are like the yurt of our day – love them. It would be really neat to house an art show in several of them…or have some kind of cultural festival centered around them.

    — August 21, 2014 @ 13:20

  2. Not All Work and No Play in These Eco-Friendly Garden Pods Pingback said:

    […] and Play Design Podzook is pretty much plug and play like an RV. It’s hooked up with electric heat, ventilation, power outlets, enjoys natural […]

    — August 21, 2015 @ 21:51

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