Rendezvous in Green: Botanical Tiled Vertical Garden

February 19, 2014 by

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Add this botanical tiled vertical garden space to the list of wonderful places to sneak off to for an afternoon rendezvous. I think a comfy mattress on the interior platform would be just the place for a nap en plein air, don’t you?

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Designer Thibault Faverie  is back again with Tiles, a creative vertical garden structure composed of numerous individual planters. Faverie won the innovation competition in 2010 for this piece at the Parisian garden expo, Jardins Jardin at the Tuileries Gardens. You may remember the designer from his terracotta pot inspired natural cooling system, Cold Pot, which I found on psfk.


The designer worked with basic and minimal components to match the object’s “ecological function.” A simple wood frame draped with linen pocket “tiles,” provides the spaces within which plants grow in a rich soil.

Faverie created this garden space as a meeting place, and beyond its social function, the designer hopes to provide a broader reason for others to reflect upon and raise awareness of vegetation and how it affects our ecosystem, our world.

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Jardins Jardin always showcases the most provacative and innovative pieces, such as the French straw bale terrace garden I spied last year. I can’t wait to see the beauty and whimsy that comes out of it this year—stay tuned for our report in early June.

Photos via the designer. Jardins Jardin, June 6-9, 2014.

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