Five Urban Gardens Fresh Ideas: What’s Been Growing, Glowing, Sowing, and Flowing

March 7, 2014 by

pull-tab-design-rooftop-garden New York City rooftop gardens, design and photo by PullTab Design.

With your busy life, it’s highly possible you missed one of the wonderful things we’ve shared recently on Urban Gardens. Understandable. The good news is, we’ve rounded up the last five urban gardens fresh ideas for you—because heaven forbid you not be in the know!

Here’s what’s been growing, glowing, sowing, and flowing from us:

1. Grow and Glow: Hydroponic Planter Doubles as Fashionable Light Fixture

Hydroponic Indoor Herb Garden Spice Versa

Here is an instance where size doesn’t matter. The size of your dwelling that is. Hanging from the ceiling, Spice-Versa grows herbs upside-down, growing and glowing as both a hydroponic planter and lamp. Read more about how you can pluck your own herbs from this stylish light here.

2. Grow With the Glow: Mush-Lume Compostable Lamp Shade Grown From Mushrooms


There is a creative fungus among us. Danielle Trofe, the creative mind behind LiveScreen, the indoor hydroponic vertical garden, just let me know about her newest creation: Mush-Lume, a compostable lamp shade grown from mushrooms–not manufactured, but grown of a home-compostable bioplastic. See more pictures of the Mush-Lumes and read about how they are made here.

3. Rendezvous in Green: Botanical Tiled Vertical Garden

Tiles 1

Add this botanical tiled vertical garden space to the list of wonderful places to sneak off to for an afternoon rendezvous. Designer Thibault Faverie  is back again with Tiles, a creative vertical garden structure composed of numerous individual planters. Want to make one of your own, perhaps add a mattress for afternoon naps? Read more about how it was made here.

4. Medicinal Plants Climb Walls of Paris Pharmacy


Can you believe how cool this Pharmacy is in Paris? Inside MaPharmacie, tinctures and capsules appear to float on living walls of medicinal plants, all reflected in mirrors under the glow of fluorescent lighting. See more of José Lévy‘s unique pharmacy design here.

5. LandEscaping: Taking Refuge in the City on a Rooftop Garden Oasis

style-in-sky-rizzoli-book Photo by Norman McGrath from Rooftop Gardens: The Terraces, Conservatories, and Balconies of New York, Denise LeFrak Calicchio

The serenade of the city is hard to ignore, not to mention how it can affect our stress levels. With people bustling, smells wafting, and sounds buzzing, it can be hard to catch a breath of our own. Check out these rooftop gardens and you will see it is truly possible to escape the chaos of the city without even leaving your building. 

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