Grow With the Glow: Mush-Lume Compostable Lamp Shade Grown From Mushrooms

February 18, 2014 by


There’s a cool fungus among us. Danielle Trofe, the creative mind behind LiveScreen, the indoor hydroponic vertical garden that can double as a room divider, just let me know about her newest creation: Mush-Lume, a compostable lamp shade that’s grown from mushrooms–not manufactured, but grown of a home-compostable bioplastic.


In a process similar to one Danish designer Jonas Edvard uses to cultivate his living lamps, Trofe grows Mush-Lume’s textured lampshade using agricultural byproducts such as seed husks and corn stalks, then combines them with mushroom mycelium.

“What if instead of making products out of petroleum-based plastics and non-renewable materials, we used natural, sustainable materials?” asks Trofe. “So instead of our goods ending up in landfills, they could biodegrade in our backyards!”


Working with Ecovative Design, the designer utilizes the mycelium, binding it with the agro by-products which she grows for several days. Once the growth process is complete, the material gets heated and dried, turning it into a material that can then be used for, let’s say, a lamp shade.

Trofe’s signature is sustainable design with a tinge of quirkiness. Check out her Hourglass Table Lamp and Floor Lamp, each powered by the energy generated from the sand falling from top to bottom.


Who knows. Mush-Lume may grow into as large a project as Trofe’s LiveScreen. The vertical garden was featured in Milan at SaloneSatellite, the international design fair which showcases the world’s most promising young designers.



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