3 Wooly Woven Outdoor Swings and Cozy Hanging Urban Retreats

November 10, 2013 by


When sheep hang outdoors, their fleece can withstand the elements, so I guess outdoor swings and garden seating made of natural wool can too, right?


That’s what designer Pia Wüstenberg was thinking in handcrafting three different artisanal wool and cotton “seating structures.” She crafts each in her unique combination of weaving and felting which results in soft, durable, and weather-resistant outdoor swings and hanging seats.




Wüstenberg’s Urban Swing resembles your normal swing but with a woven seat, while the suspended WoolWeave and Urban Retreat envelop you inside cozy cocoon-like shells. What a nice contrast of softness against the hard urban concrete.


I love the ombré effect of the dyes on the multi-hued seats.


As wool is pretty water repellent by nature (ask the sheep), Wüstenberg says the one she had in her garden all summer “stayed amazingly dry, and only began taking in water if it was absolutely soaked.”



I’m not too sheepish to say that I’ve already selected a book and am imagining myself hanging out (literally) all snuggled up in an Urban Retreat.


Available at Wüstenburg’s shop, Utopia and Utility. Other stocklists here.

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