5 Acts of Guerrilla Gardening to Inspire Your Inner Urban Guerrilla Gardener

November 9, 2013 by

Guerrilla Gardening on manhole for Pansy Project
Punched in Manchester.

Guerrilla gardeners around the world are planting political statements or small urban street art exhibitions, and some are just in it to encourage guerrilla gardening everywhere:

1. Guerrilla Gardener Plants Human Rights Statements
Driven by a string of homophobic abuse he and others had experienced, artist Paul Harfleet started The Pansy Project, planting pansies around the world at locations where such incidents occurred, naming each garden after a particular unfortunate event.

Seed Money. Hand-illustrated and letterpress printed ”coins” embedded with seeds.

2. Grow Your Own Seed Money!
Seed Money, designed by Lea Redmond, are hand-illustrated and letterpress printed ”coins” embedded with seeds and cut into, as the designer quips, tender for tending. Purchase them on Redmond’s website, Leafcutter Designs.

How to Become a Guerrilla Gardener Using Seed Money

• Secretly tuck them into medians, public parks, or your friend’s front yard.

• Leave a few with your tip at a restaurant.

• Leave them on sidewalks for people to stumble upon

• Grow an entire backyard flower/food garden with the full set of coins.

• Send a roll to a politician with a letter expressing your opinion on agribusiness to subsidies.age.

 SeedTabs are folded packets of organic seeds sold in coffee shops. Guerrilla gardening.

3. SeedTabs Get You Growing With Your Morning Coffee!
Grab your morning cup of joe, then toss some seeds on your way to work.

San Francisco company SeedTabs is collaborating with local java spots to sell little folded packets of organic seeds.  They hope to inspire people to spread both the idea and the seeds in common public spaces rather than private ones.

Toronto street artist and now guerrilla gardener, Posterchild, created this planted flyer box

4. Guerrillas in the Midst
Toronto street artist, provocateur, and guerrilla gardener, Posterchild, created this garden in an abandoned flyer box. Of his art he says, “I am searching for a benevolent, sustainable way to involve myself in our shared public spaces without being arrested or unnoticeable…I create my art from unwanted things…I gather my materials from the flotsam of the urban environment, process it, and return it to the city.” Bravo.

UK pothole gardener extraordinaire, Steve Wheen's guerrilla gardening installation

5. Pothole Gardener Commits Illicit Acts of Gardening
His signature: the miniature props he employs to stage his tiny gardens. UK Pothole Gardener extraordinaire, Steve Wheen, plants ubiquitous small-scale gardens around the world, each garden making either a statement or comment or functioning as a mini public exhibition space.

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