Voilà! Modular Planter System From France

September 3, 2013 by


I love how French brand Booa’s modular cube planters let container gardeners do for outdoor space what fashion designers have always done so well: combine a number of elements to create a complete cohesive look.


Booa low planters feature hidden inset feet which raise them off the ground to enable drainage.  This designer arranged a row of the same size planters to form a planted wall…


Using a few styles of square beech wood planters combined with other modules and accessories, elements of varying heights and lengths easily connect into arrangements to create virtually unlimited configurations.  Do it for style or food or both. bac-à-fleurs-byo-63l-1

The tall planters make raised bed planting easy for those whose knees are not great.

carré-potager-surélevé-byo-63l-1 carré-potager-surélevé-byo-63l-2 carré-potager-surélevé-byo-26l- carré-potager-surélevé-byo-63l

To define a particular living area, there’s a wonderfully simple slatted wood screening system that accepts narrow shelves for planters.


Use it a s a partition to define a particular space, or create a vertical garden that doubles as a privacy screen.


By adding additional functional elements for storage or serving, it’s possible to design different outdoor rooms to suit the needs of your particular space and taste. Et voilà!

For similar planters available in the US, check out these planters and this simple elevated garden, or this one with threaded drainage ports.

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