Multi-Functional Outdoor Lounger Converts to Hammock, Chaise, Rocker, and Side Table

August 8, 2013 by


Designers at Leif.DesignPark are thinking double or triple-duty design with Moccar, an outdoor lounger on two wheels that’s great for small urban spaces as it’s easily moved and converts to several individual pieces with multiple uses.


Moccar rocks, literally. With its lightweight metal frame and woven rope body, Moccar starts out as a hammock with a built-in headrest.


Lift the hammock from its base, and it converts to a rocking chaise leaving the base to function as either a foot rest, side table, or extra seating.


These guys have a track record designing multi-functional convertible furniture., like the Lin Pod Bench combo planter and seating which we featured from designjunction, and the Rebirth Pod,  a biodegradable vase that flips over into become a planter.

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