Announcing Our Mr. Steam & Urban Gardens Indoor-Outdoor Spa Sanctuary Pinterest Contest Winner!

July 3, 2013 by


We received many wonderful entries to the Indoor-Outdoor Spa Sanctuaries Pinterest Contest we hosted with Mr. Steam–and we’re excited to announce the winner!

Our guest judge, Veronika Miller, CEO (Chief Eternal Optimist) of interior design networking platform and resource catalog, Modenus, has selected Lynnette Miller’s Pinterest board (no relation, we swear.)


About Lynnette’s winning Indoor-Outdoor Spa Sanctuary board, Miller says:

“What I love about this board is that she paid attention to finding images that best reflect a real indoor/outdoor spa feel. The idea of bringing the outdoors in through material choices or design features that are more commonly associated with outdoor spaces is wonderful and to then consider the opposite, bringing interior features like soft seating, kitchens or even a steam bath outdoors is just so intriguing. It’s definitely a great way to push design boundaries and embrace every inch of living space. Lynette has definitely illustrated this in the best possible way.”


A big thanks to all our entrants and congratulations to Lynnette who wins a Mr. Steam luxury Metro Collection Floor Model Towel Warmer with a gleaming polished stainless steel finish–a $890 value and we’re also providing free shipping!

From Pulltab Design’s New York City rooftop garden.

For inspiration and ideas, check out our Indoor-Outdoor Spa Sanctuaries Pinterest board. And while you are there, share some of your finds with us on our other boards! Happy pinning!

Unless otherwise noted, all images from Lynnette Miller’s Pinterest board, where you will find links to the original sources.


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  1. B&B Brugge said:

    All the pics reflected a feeling of indoor/outdoor spa. Congratulations to Lynnette for wining the model towel warmer. Nice posting!

    — July 10, 2013 @ 03:27

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