Modular Outdoor Kitchen With Shower

February 2, 2012 by

WooHoo! WWOO is a modular concrete customizable outdoor kitchen that, with modifications, morphs into a multipurpose station for not just cooking, but for gardening and even showering. I love how the contemporary design blends sophistication and utility while being just about maintenance free.

Dutch designer Peter Jan van den Kommer configured the basic WWOO with five posts and twelve wall elements, eight loose kitchen worktops, and four concrete ‘shelves’ that slide between them. The kitchen comes complete with a Big Green Egg or Weber barbecue, a removable stainless steel hearth, and a stainless steel basin with tap.

Multifunctional for Any Size Space
In addition to functioning as an outdoor kitchen, WWOO doubles as a gardener’s potting table–a spot for repotting or watering plants.

Cook, Clean Up, and Shower Outdoors
Because the kitchen system is assembled from separate components, one can put together the basic model according to one’s own requirements and then expand it without limits–not just in length, but by adding extras like an outdoor shower, the unit becomes a combination outdoor kitchen and bath. One can cook, clean up, then even shower without ever going back indoors.

There, you have it: a multipurpose design that enables custom configuration according to one’s outdoor space requirements, but also according to one’s lifestyle–are you the entertainer, the gardener, the resident who wants to bathe outdoors…perhaps all of those things?

  • Wow this is one impressive kitchen – I want one (plus the nice weather to go with it)!

  • Christine

    I hate when I feel like I am looking at an extremely staged photo. Form and function are extremely import and so is preventing a fire. I have a problem with the Big Green Egg, a tandori-style wood grill, being under the wooden structure (deck?). This an extremely bad idea for a few reasons. This grill can heat up to over 600 degrees F and heat rises. Smoke also rises and would get trapped in between the deck joists. These wood grills are essentially smoker smokers and make A LOT of smoke. Shame on whoever thought this was a good location for a grill.

  • Robin Plaskoff Horton

    Thanks for your feedback Christine. You make some good points, maybe you’d consider sharing them with manufacturer?

  • Great concept but we couldnt have anything like that in the UK, it rains most days now and its July!

  • Love it! So many people are afraid of growing orchids- but they are my favorite!!

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