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Joining a community garden project or tending an allotment is a great way to get your garden fix if you don’t have your own plot of land or outdoor space.


To get yourself in the mood for participating in a community gardening program, consider starting with a mini indoor garden or “windowsill allotment” you can cultivate without ever leaving your desk or kitchen. It’s not the same of course, but you won’t need wellies and can create your own little community of family members to grow kitchen herbs together. Here are two to whet your appetite:


1. The Mini Indoor Allotment (UK gardeners only)
This tiny wood fenced windowsill allotment, above, includes everything you need for your little indoor herb garden. Three mini pots with drainage trays, three soil pellets, and approximately 50 each of coriander, basil, and oregano seeds. When you lift the tiny garden shed’s roof and swing open the door, you’ll find snips (gardentalk for herb scissors) that you can store there with your left over seeds. And as you can move your little allotment from windowsill to table to bookcase, consider a mobile garden. Get the family together or office mates to participate!


Mini Indoor Allotment available at The Balcony Gardener.

2. Postcarden Pop-Up Allotment
Mail a friend a tiny garden patch to enjoy right on the windowsill. The Postcarden pop-up allotment, below, arrives flat then opens and unfolds into a tiny plot with waterproof tray into which you simply add the included seeds, water, and get sowing. In a few days your tasty micro-greens will start to sprout and do so for 2-3 weeks.




Postcarden available both in USA and Europe. Check stocklists for shops in your area.



  1. Georgia | local ecologist said:

    Adorable. I’m on a waiting list for a community garden plot but this kind of garden might have to do.
    This would work well in a preschool.

    — May 21, 2013 @ 13:55

  2. Robin Plaskoff Horton said:

    In the UK Georgia, they are using them in schools.

    — May 21, 2013 @ 15:23

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