Outdoor Furniture Inspired by Skyscrapers and Jewelry

March 25, 2013 by


While browsing the recent Architectural Digest Home Design for outdoor showers and appliances for outdoor kitchens, I came across some cool new outdoor furniture whose designs were inspired by skyscrapers and wearable architecture.


For his furniture pieces that live happily outdoors, designer John Liston seem to derive a lot of inspiration from architectural elements and environmental effects, like the shadows cast from tall buildings, visible in his World Trade bench whose design was inspired by Daniel Libeskind’s architecture and spirit, an homage to the architect and New York City.



Also a jewelry designer, Liston crosses from fashion accessory to home accessory with a new table that he created after the design of a bracelet. The Bangle Table was inspired by Liston’s own jewelry design, its bones derived from his Skeleton Bangle bracelet, a good example of the crossover between fashion and home decor as well pieces that go indoors or out, or both.


Liston’s Skeleton Bangle bracelet.

My favorite of his pieces, and perhaps of the whole show, was the Ribbon Chairs, wonderful strips of colorful powder-coated steel woven together to form sculptural seating that would enhance any garden or indoor space. Not sure which I love more the red or the blue.




Inspired by the shadows from a modern glass building, another standout was the Architect, above, a side table or stool with a light-reflecting aluminum base and thick cast glass top.



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