Save Space: Hang Up Your Garden

February 6, 2013 by


StudioGorm, whose very cool “living” Flow Kitchen we featured back in 2009, has unleashed its creativity again in the design of Peg Garden, a space-saving grouping of cedar elements that, when not being used, can hang out of the way on pegs. 



Designed to chair hang on a fence or outdoor wall, Peg Garden consists of a simple strip of cedar with four pegs, onto which you hang out of season garden tools, accessories. Inspired by Pyung Sang, a Korean system of flat form furniture. slatted platforms transform into a garden lounge chair.



A clever integrated wooden and anodized aluminum spring catch in the legs of the chair locks in into position.


Like an aging garden fence, Peg Garden’s components are intended to weather over time to a lovely silvery grey.




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