Birdhouse Roof Tiles

January 6, 2013 by


The shrinking bird population in urban settings led Netherlands-based product designer Klaas Kuiken to design an archetype Birdhouse Rooftile that replaces a standard ceramic roof tile.


The rooftop nesting place, composed of a specially designed removable basket with access below, is placed directly under the roof tile offering ventilation and protection from predators.


A wooden slat framed with a screen forms a comb-like barrier blocking out the birds from the rest of the building, and leaving the area easy to clean after the breeding period.



Kuiken consulted the Vogelbescherming (Dutch bird association) on the design, resulting not only in a responsible nesting place, but a birdhouse that is good on human eyes. As birds often nest in groups, the designer recommends applying several Birdhouse Rooftiles on the north and east sides of the roof.  First designed in 2009, the birdhouses have just gone into production with 100 now available for sale.

via Colossal and DesignBoom / shared by Geoff Fisher (who makes his own classic birdhouses)

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