Indoor-Outdoor Revolving Window For Plants

November 17, 2012 by

As multifunctional concepts are great for small spaces, we love how the Revolve Window extends the interior space, enables easy transport of plants from indoors to outdoors, and at the same time functions as a decorative window box.

On what resembles a circular terrace, the Revolve Window swivels around a center axis bringing plants from indoors to outdoors where they can grab some sun and natural rainwater. Like the urban garden that extends from a windowsill, when it gets too cold or hot outside or when there isn’t enough rain, the plants just circle back indoors. As both a decorative interior and exterior window box, Revolve crosses the boundary between indoors and out while also expanding the interior space.

Designed by South Korean designer Sejoon Kim, the Revolve Window received a 2012 Spark Concept Award.



  1. Amanda said:

    Fantastic idea. Thank you.

    — November 18, 2012 @ 08:49

  2. Andrea Waters said:

    It is like having a doggy door for your plants. Brilliant!

    — November 18, 2012 @ 15:53

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