Grow a Fence

November 5, 2012 by

Piantalà is a grow-your-own fence, a plant trellis, a partition, a privacy screen, a place to hang stuff and a super versatile concept for growing both vertically and horizontally.

Created from a metal rod that graphically mimics the outlines of the iconic white picket fence, designer Andrea Rekalidis’s idea performs multiple functions indoors or outdoors, in private or in public spaces.

Each Piantalà module consists of a grid-like formation reminiscent of a standard chain link fence where vines can climb to offer visual separation, a green wall, a vertical vegetable garden–the choice is the user’s. One can plant the fence directly into the ground or into container, offering infinite design configurations and uses.

Not yet in production, Piantalà was the winner of the Sunlab 2012 competition and when they find a manufacturer, we’ll be ready to grow up right along with them.


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